Professional References

  • Rich Sherian - CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations; Author of Joy, Inc. and Chief Joy Officer

    I have known Stephanie since 1999 when I was building the Java Factory at Interface Systems. She quickly became a high-performer on the team, both as a software developer and as UX designer. Stephanie was invited to join our startup in 2001, Menlo Innovations, and became one of our first High-tech Anthropologists.

    A geographic relocation took her away from us, the possibility of remote work during the pandemic brought her back. She rejoined Menlo and alternated between software development, High-Tech Anthropology and marketing.

    She is a passionate contributor and brings her best self every day. She is a voracious reader and is always looking to be inspired by authors towards self-improvement and/or continuous improvement of the organization she is part of.

    Stephanie will be a key contributor to any team she joins, and will always be learning to ensure she is delivering the best value possible.

  • James Goebel - Chief Architect/Partner at Menlo Innovations

    While Stephanie was a valuable contributor as a software developer and worked well in our closely collaborative environment, her talents are even greater in studying the needs of users and designing software that will help them achieve their goals with ease. Whenever it is possible to include Stephanie on one of our project teams we always check to see if she is available.

  • Michelle Pomorski - Principal UX Researcher and Designer (High-Tech Anthropologist™) at Menlo Innovations

    Stephanie is a tremendous asset to any team. She’s reliable, hardworking and willing to roll her sleeves up and do anything to benefit the team or company.

    Her empathy for users and passion for solving problems is evident in everything that she does. During her time at Menlo, Stephanie has conducted user observations and interviews to identify problems and opportunities for a variety of industries such as healthcare and transportation. She is able to quickly build trust and rapport with users allowing her to get the the root of the problem. Stakeholders look to her for insights and recommendations to inform their products. Both new team members and public tour attendees alike enjoy listening to Stephanie’s story telling as she shares her experience and knowledge around UX principles and strategies. Utilizing evaluative research techniques such as rapid prototyping and A/B testing, Stephanie is able to ensure solutions meet user needs in an intuitive way.

    Her deep technical knowledge from her development experience only makes Stephanie an even more solid UX professional. Not only is she able to quickly earn the respect of the development team, but her technical skills allow her to easily break down design into agile requirements as well as collaborate closely with developers throughout implementation.

    Stephanie is also a kind, caring team member who is passionate about accessibility and inclusion and is always looking for ways to refine processes and challenge our team to be the best we can be.

  • Leigh Chudy - UX Researcher and Designer (High-Tech Anthropologist™) at Menlo Innovations

    Stephanie is an excellent UX/UI designer who possesses both natural talent and a strong work ethic. She has the ability to empathize with end users which allows her to create designs that truly meet their needs. When faced with challenges or unfamiliar situations, Stephanie demonstrates a remarkable commitment to problem-solving and will dedicate herself to finding solutions even if it means taking extra effort and learning on her part.

    Stephanie goes above and beyond by taking the initiative to engage in continuous learning in her personal time. This dedication is reflected in her design work and also demonstrates her passion and commitment with staying updated in the UX/UI design field.

    Not only is Stephanie talented, but she is a joy to work with. She is willing to support and assist her team members by offering a helping hand whenever needed. Her passion is evident in her work and she is truly committed to the success of the team.

  • Amandeep Singh - Former Head of Web Development at Coalition Technologies

    Stephanie is an exceptional developer with a keen eye for detail. During her time at Coalition Technologies, she successfully managed a number of complex BigCommerce development projects, demonstrating her remarkable expertise in the field. As an active team player, Stephanie played a pivotal role in designing a comprehensive training program for fellow developers, which significantly enhanced their skills.

    She possesses outstanding communication abilities and is adept at project management, making her an invaluable asset in any collaborative environment.

    I recommend Stephanie for any organization seeking a skilled, dedicated, and communicative developer. Her ability to lead and mentor others, combined with her technical expertise and project management skills, makes her an ideal candidate for any team aiming to excel in the industry.

  • Maggie Donahue - Former Project Manager at Coalition Technologies

    Stephanie and I worked closely together on a complicated BigCommerce web development project. I was impressed with her ability to work efficiently and effectively. Her development was critical to the successful launch of the site. I was also impressed with and appreciated her excellent communication with internal and client teams.

    Stephanie is easy to work with and contributes heavily to the team, and it’s cool to see great female representation in the field.

    I’d recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent developer.

  • Steve McClain - Owner of Knowledge Action Success

    I can’t give Stephanie enough praise. I needed a website for my startup business, and she knew the right questions to ask and took my ideas and brought them to reality. She really displayed her knowledge, took the action needed to construct my site and continually evaluated its level of success. Stephanie continues to impress with her availability, willingness to listen to ideas and suggestions. She also has a keen awareness of the user experience making my site intuitive and visually appealing and customer focused. It is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to both our continued success. Thank you.